Kona Aggressor

August 28, September 4, 2010

Above Water Pictures - Page 2
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One of the best "Off Gassing" experiences.  I don't even know where in Kona we were!

I have no idea what we're drinking at this point.  I do know that I mentioned something about a shot of Maker's Mark and Kevin whipped out his wallet and ordered up a round for the 3 of us.  Very cool.

Cami tries out the Morf Camera for a self portrait.

Party Girls Mary, Cami and Kim.

Cami heard about the urinal in the men's restroom.  She grabbed the camera, marched in and took these shots.
All I remember about dinner is I ordered something and didn't eat much.  And there was an incident involving my arm and Kevin's tongue.  Eeeeyew! And charmer Kevin is telling Kim she'd be better off without me.

Kevin seems to be regretting what's happened on our last night.  Chuck never slowed down.  Actually, we all stumbled back to the boat and continued the party.

Sunrise on our last day with the Kona Aggressor.


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