Kim & Randy's Turks & Caicos Trip

May 17- May 31, 2014

Taken near Da Conch Shack



We did it again (see my 2009 trip report)!  A two week, back-to-back trip on Explorer Ventures Turks & Caicos Explorer II.

For week 1, Kim & I joined a rambunctious full boat.  For week 2, I dropped Kim off at the airport and got back on the boat (very selfish, I know), joining a much more sedate group of divers.  But we got the same great crew both weeks except Capt. Ken departed and JF joined us.

Back in 2009, Hart completed his Solo Diver certification.  I took advantage of the second week by also acquiring Solo Diver status... many thanks to expert teacher Mia Toose, who was segueing into the purser position in preparation for Polly's departure at the end of the week.

This crew was certainly in the top 2 that I've experienced.  Kudos to JF & Explorer Ventures for finding such talented people that meshed so well as a crew.  And kudos to the crew for making the experience fresh week after week.  I only wish you could guarantee a crew like this each time you book a live-aboard!



I have joined Hart in the ranks of Solo Divers!




Since Hart & I were staying for a second week, we decided to rent a car.  This allowed us to go have a nice lunch and drop Kim off at a later time than she would have with the shuttle.  This picture was taken after a tasty lunch at Tiki Hut Bar and Grill in the Turtle Cove Marina.

We decided to stop by the Turks and Caicos Aggressor which docks right near the restaurant.  Although. like the Explorer, the crew was busy preparing for the next week's divers, they allowed us to go onboard and look around.  What a terrific surprise to run into Captain Lowel from our Papua New Guinea trip in 2012!

Kim and Hart were so patient with my driving.  I only heard screaming 3 times ("RANDY!  RANDY!  WRONG SIDE!).



Mia, Bungee and Matt seem too happy to about our imminent departure!




Call Capt Steve "Hawkeye"... He found a diver's lost GoPro underwater!


The Week 1 Gang (May 17-24, 2014)

The Week 2 Gang (May 24-31, 2014)


Enough of the fun... Click the links for some pictures

Kim's Video of the First Week

Week 1 Pictures

Week 2 Pictures

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Explorer Ventures


Thanks to the great crew of TCEXII:

Week 1: Capt. Ken, Capt. Steve, Engineer Mark, Chef Stan, Purser Polly, Purser In Training Mia, DM Bungee and DM Matt

Week 2: Capt. JF, Capt. Steve, Engineer Mark, Chef Stan, Purser Polly, Purser Mia, DM Bungee and DM Matt

And thanks to my fellow passengers that allowed me to have so much fun above and below the water:

Week 1: Karen, Lindsay, Bill & Ann, George & Gary, Sue & Mike, Wyatt & Margaret, Sherry & Kurt, Barry & Sharon, Liz & Pete, and Hart.

Week 2: Andrew, Bill, Billy, Alex, Sam, Ann, Judy, and Hart

We've had Divers stop by to visit!

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